Interaction with Desktop/Windows applications
CloseWindow Close a specific window by control

UIAutomation.CloseWindow Window:
CloseWindowByTitleClass Close a specific window by title and class

UIAutomation.CloseWindowByTitleClass Title:  Class:''
FocusWindow Focus window by control

UIAutomation.FocusWindow Window:
FocusWindowByTitleClass Focus window by title and class

UIAutomation.FocusWindowByTitleClass Title:  Class:''
MoveWindow Move window by control

UIAutomation.MoveWindow Window:  X:  Y:
MoveWindowByTitleClass Move window by title and class

UIAutomation.MoveWindowByTitleClass Title:  Class:'' X:  Y:
ResizeWindow Resize window by control

UIAutomation.ResizeWindow Window:  Width:  Height:
ResizeWindowByTitleClass Resize window by title and class

UIAutomation.ResizeWindowByTitleClass Title:  Class:'' Width:  Height:
SetWindowState Set window state by control

UIAutomation.SetWindowState Window:  State:WindowState.Restored
SetWindowStateByTitleClass Set window state by title and class

UIAutomation.SetWindowStateByTitleClass Title:  Class:'' State:WindowState.Restored
SetWindowVisibility Set window visibility by control

UIAutomation.SetWindowVisibility Window:  Visible:False
SetWindowVisibilityByTitleClass Set window visibility by title and class

UIAutomation.SetWindowVisibilityByTitleClass Title:  Class:'' Visible:False
FocusTextField Sets the input Focus on a Text Box of a Window and scrolls it into view

UIAutomation.FocusTextField TextField:
GetWindowDetails Get a property of a Window, such as its title or its source text

UIAutomation.GetWindowDetails Window:  ExtractionOperation:WindowPropertiesExtractionOperation.ExtractWindowTitle Property=> WindowProperty
UseDesktop Perform desktop and taskbar related operations

UIAutomation.UseDesktop Control:  ClickType:DesktopClickType.LeftClick LaunchNewApplication:True
GetElementDetails Gets the value of an element's attribute in a Window

UIAutomation.GetElementDetails Element:  AttributeName:'Own Text' AttributeValue=> AttributeValue
PopulateTextField Fills a TextBox in a Window with the specified text

UIAutomation.PopulateTextField TextField:  Text:
SelectTab Selects a Tab from a group of Tabs

UIAutomation.SelectTab Tab:
Click Clicks on any element of a Window.

UIAutomation.Click Element:  ClickType:ClickType.LeftClick MousePositionRelativeToElement:RectangleEdgePoint.MiddleCenter OffsetX:0 OffsetY:0
GetSelectedCheckboxes Retrieve the names of the Selected Checkboxes in a Checkbox Group

UIAutomation.GetSelectedCheckboxes Control:  SelectedCheckboxes=> SelectedCheckboxes
GetCheckboxState Retrieve the State of a specific Checkbox

UIAutomation.GetCheckboxState Control:  CheckboxState=> IsChecked
PressButton Presses a Window Button

UIAutomation.PressButton Button:
GetSelectedRadiobutton Get Name of Selected radiobutton in <CONTROL>

UIAutomation.GetSelectedRadiobutton Control:  SelectedRadiobutton=> SelectedRadiobutton
GetRadioButtonState Get Selected State of <CONTROL>

UIAutomation.GetRadioButtonState Control:  RadiobuttonState=> IsSelected
SelectMenuOption Selects an Option in a Menu of a Window

UIAutomation.SelectMenuOption Control:
SelectRadioButton Selects a Radio Button on the Window

UIAutomation.SelectRadioButton RadioButton:
DragAndDropElement Drags and Drops an Element of a Window

UIAutomation.DragAndDropElement ControlToDrag:  ControlToDropOver:  ClickType:DragAndDropClickType.LeftClick MouseDownOffsetX:0 MouseDownOffsetY:0 RectangleEdgePointForMouseUp:RectangleEdgePoint.MiddleCenter MouseUpOffsetX:0 MouseUpOffsetY:0 RectangleEdgePointForMouseDown:RectangleEdgePoint.MiddleCenter
ExpandCollapseTreeNode Expands or Collapses a Node of a Tree View residing in a Window

UIAutomation.ExpandCollapseTreeNode Control:  FoldersPath:  UseRegex:False TreeNodeOperation:TreeNodeOperation.Expand
ExtractData Extract Data from specific parts of a Window in the form of a Single value or DataTable

UIAutomation.ExtractData Control:  ExtractedData=> DataFromWindow
ExtractDataInExcelSpreadsheet Extract Data from specific parts of a Window in an Excel Spreadsheet

UIAutomation.ExtractDataInExcelSpreadsheet Control:  ExcelInstance=> ExcelInstance
SetCheckboxState Checks or unchecks a Checkbox in a Window Form

UIAutomation.SetCheckboxState Checkbox:  CheckboxState:CheckboxState.Checked
ClearDropDownListValue Clear the Selected Option for a Drop Down List in a Window Form

UIAutomation.ClearDropDownListValue DropDownList:
SetDropDownListValueByName Set the Selected Option(s) for a Drop Down List in a Window Form by their names

UIAutomation.SetDropDownListValueByName DropDownList:  OptionsNames:
SetDropDownListValueByIndex Set the Selected Option(s) for a Drop Down List in a Window Form by their indexes

UIAutomation.SetDropDownListValueByIndex DropDownList:  OptionsIndeces: