Automate PDF files and their content (text and images)
ExtractImages Extracts all images from a PDF file
Pdf.ExtractImages PDFFile:  Password:'' ImagesName:  ImagesFolder: 
ExtractImagesFromPage Extracts images from a single page of a PDF file
Pdf.ExtractImagesFromPage PDFFile:  Password:'' PageNumber:  ImagesName:  ImagesFolder: 
ExtractImagesFromPageRange Extracts images from some pages of a PDF file
Pdf.ExtractImagesFromPageRange PDFFile:  Password:'' FromPageNumber:  ToPageNumber:  ImagesName:  ImagesFolder: 
ExtractTextWithOCR Extracts text from all pages of a PDF file with OCR
Pdf.ExtractTextWithOCR OCREngine:  File:  Password:'' ExtractedText=> ExtractedText
ExtractTextFromPageWithOCR Extracts text from a single page of a PDF file with OCR
Pdf.ExtractTextFromPageWithOCR OCREngine:  File:  Password:'' PageNumber:  ExtractedText=> ExtractedText
ExtractTextFromPageRangeWithOCR Extracts text from range of pages of a PDF file with OCR
Pdf.ExtractTextFromPageRangeWithOCR OCREngine:  File:  Password:'' FromPageNumber:  ToPageNumber:  ExtractedText=> ExtractedText
ExtractText Extracts text from a PDF File
Pdf.ExtractText PDFFile:  Password:'' ExtractedText=> ExtractedPDFText
ExtractTextFromPage Extracts text from a single page of a PDF file
Pdf.ExtractTextFromPage PDFFile:  Password:'' PageNumber:  ExtractedText=> ExtractedPDFText
ExtractTextFromPageRange Extracts text from some pages of a PDF File
Pdf.ExtractTextFromPageRange PDFFile:  Password:'' FromPageNumber:  ToPageNumber:  ExtractedText=> ExtractedPDFText
ExtractPages Extracts pages from a PDF file to new PDF file
Pdf.ExtractPages PDFFile:  Password:'' PageSelection:  ExtractedPDFPath:  IfFileExists:Pdf.IfFileExists.AddSequentialSuffix ExtractedPDFFile=> ExtractedPDFFile
MergeFiles Merges multiple PDF files into a new one
Pdf.MergeFiles PDFFiles:  MergedPDFPath:  IfFileExists:Pdf.IfFileExists.AddSequentialSuffix Passwords:'' PasswordDelimiter:',' MergedPDF=> MergedPDF