Take control of the mouse and keyboard
BlockInput Block user mouse and keyboard input, so that the automation can perform mouse and keyboard actions without interference from the user

MouseAndKeyboard.BlockInput BlockIt:
GetMousePosition Retrieve the current position of the mouse cursor on the screen in pixel coordinates

MouseAndKeyboard.GetMousePosition Absolute:False X=> X Y=> Y
MoveMouse Move the mouse to a specific position

MouseAndKeyboard.MoveMouse X:  Y:  RelativeTo:MouseAndKeyboard.MousePositionRelativeTo.Screen MovementStyle:MouseAndKeyboard.MouseMovementStyle.Instant
Click Send a mouse click event at the current mouse position

MouseAndKeyboard.Click ClickType:MouseAndKeyboard.MouseClickType.LeftClick MillisecondsDelay:0
ClickAt Send a mouse click event at a specified position

MouseAndKeyboard.ClickAt ClickType:MouseAndKeyboard.MouseClickType.LeftClick MillisecondsDelay:0 X:  Y:  RelativeTo:MouseAndKeyboard.MousePositionRelativeTo.Screen MouseMovementStyle:MouseAndKeyboard.MouseMovementStyle.Instant
SendKeys Send Keys to the application that is currently active

MouseAndKeyboard.SendKeys TextToSend:  DelayBetweenKeystrokes:10
PressReleaseKey This action presses (and holds) or releases one or more modifier keys (Alt, Control, or Shift). This is useful mainly taking steps that call for a key to be pressed while operating the mouse, and requires another use of this action to release the key(s) being held.

MouseAndKeyboard.PressReleaseKey Press:True Control:False Alt:False Shift:False Win:False
SetKeyState This action sets the state (on or off) for the keys CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, or SCROLL LOCK.

MouseAndKeyboard.SetKeyState Key:MouseAndKeyboard.MultiStateKey.CapsLock State:True