Action Related Data Types


A very common input parameter actions require is the instance. That instance, refers to the object used in the automation.

For example, all Excel actions are performed on an excel file which is bound to an instance.

The initial action launching the excel file has the instance as it’s output parameter. This is then used by the consequent actions.

Module Data Type
CMD CMD Session
Database SQL Connection
Email Email Instance
Excel Excel Instance
Exchange Exchange Connection
FTP FTP Connection
Outlook Outlook Instance
Web Browser Instance


Enums are DataTypes that have a specific range of possible values. For example the “Email.Retrieve” action, requires the user to set if the retrieved emails should be from the Read, Unread or All e-mails.

For these cases that the options are limited, enums are used.

The syntax of an Enum, is similar to the other input parameters.

The Input Parameter, followed by a colon (:) the name of the Enum a dot (.) and then the value.

In the “Retrieve Email” example mentioned above the enum would look like this.