Published on Dec 16, 2019


Hey there RPA world!
We are glad to announce the release of Robin v0.9.2!
This is a major update including the addition of three new modules,
specifically for Azure, AWS and Active Directory.
Almost 70 new actions have been added!
Another major change is the segregation of actions in categories, subcategories etc.
The syntax in some preexisting modules has changed to
so some scripts created using a previous Robin version may need to be updated to perform as expected.
You can find the changelog here.

We are really close to a v1.0 (stable), so hang in there! :)

Be sure to check the updated documentation for guides and the forum for a series of great tutorials provided by the community, to help you jumpstart your automation journey!

  • Bonus
    Christmas is around the corner so let’s automate a bit with our festive mode set to ON.
    Download this robin script (it opens a browser and navigates to an online Christmas radio).
  • Extra steps for the holidays:
    Follow this guide to create your own RPA implementation and modify the Task Scheduler to run the robin script at specific intervals.